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GRISLY DISCOVERY: Police find 8 bodies inside 18-wheeler parked outside Walmart in San Antonio

‘DRASTIC ACTION’ Scaramucci vows to put an end to White House leaks

‘GOOD GIRL’ ARRESTED Cheerleader, 18, charged with killing, burying baby

926-POUND MONSTER Fishing crew reels in shark that could set a record

MASSIVE INFERNO 7-alarm blaze rips through condo construction site

PENCE EXCLUSIVE: Trump's triumphs are many after only six months and he's just getting started - Pence says at Republican dinner that 'inaction is not an option' on ObamaCare

British girl fined for opening lemonade stand receives dozens of job offers

As US weighs Afghan strategy, hopes set on Air Force

GOP, Dems agree on sweeping sanctions bill -- including provision Trump opposed - VIDEO: Congress likely to tie up Trump on Russia

Dallas to get first female police chief in September

Walmart employee walks hand in hand with blind customer in viral photo

Former Navy Seal told as a child he'd never walk again

Kin of slain NJ girl appeal to Trump for visa help to attend funeral

New York restaurant has one-drink limit policy for customers with kids

ISIS bodies piling up in Libyan morgue, report says - ISIS broken, but leader slipped away due to leak, says key general - VIDEO: US General: NY Times leak allowed ISIS leader to slip away

The fight is on this week, as deadlines near in Congress focus on spending, war powers

Texas man ordered to pay $65G in child support for kid that isn't his

Robot finds likely melted nuclear fuel deposits inside Fukushima reactor

Colo. dad accused in 2012 killing of 13-year-old son

WATCH: Abraham Lincoln mystery solved by enhanced tech

Maine legislative panel mulls raising 10 percent tax on marijuana

Charlie Gard hospital says staff have received death threats over infant's case

OPINION: Iran will soon have ICBMs armed with nukes by way of North Korea. Team Trump must act now

Underage party girl endures ultimate 'walk of shame'

Teen crashes Benz at 157 mph

Smart personal defense tech

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Prince's last call with Diana

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Winter has a tattoo where?

Tech Q&A

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Star's VERY revealing pic

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'Flip' star has moved on

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Stunning blue lobster catch

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